The Village’s Public Works, Engineeringand Planning & Zoning Departments work closely with IL-DOT and other agencies to collectively oversee the Village’s current roadway improvements program, AKA Build Machesney. During the construction season, approximately April-November, notices and updates are sent out to local residents affected by the current construction, on a weekly basis to keep them abreast on updates, issues, and timelines for construction projects.

Starting in 2015, the Village will work with all departments and parties involved to ensure these updates are posted on this page to ensure all residents have equal access to the most updated information.

To learn more about the past, present, and future roadway construction projects, please visit the Roadway Construction Projects page.


2017 – IL 251 Service Drive Improvements

7.21.17 – Update #3 – IL 251 Service Drive

7.14.17 – Update #2 – IL 251 Service Drive

7.7.17 – Update #1 – IL 251 Service Drive


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