Zach Andrews
Code Enforcement/Zoning Inspector

Mr. Zach Andrews serves as the Village’s Code Enforcement Inspector.  The Code Enforcement Division is an office of the Community Development Department. Mr. Andrews is a 1999 graduate of Harlem High School.  He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in 2003 from North Central College in Naperville, with a dual major in Business Administration and Finance.  Prior to his employment with the Village, Mr. Andrews spent 15 years employed by the City of Rockford having held positions of Inspector and Supervisor in the Code Enforcement Division.  Mr. Andrews has held a current certification as a Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector from the International Code Council since 2009, and is a member of the Illinois Association of Code Enforcement.  Mr. Andrews currently resides in the Village.

Mr. Andrews works to enforce the Village Code of Ordinances, the Property Maintenance Code, and the Zoning Ordinance. The Code Enforcement Division enforces these codes by acting upon information received, observed, researched, and communicating with the involved property owners thereby bringing closure to concerns on violations.  The Code Enforcement Division’s actions are either self-observed or in response to complaints from the public.

If you have a question regarding a Notice of Code Violation that you have received, please  contact Mr. Andrews at 815-877-5432. The Village strives to work with residents and provide flexibility, within reason, to ensure that our requirements are reasonable enforced.  Please know that should you receive a Notice of Code Violation, this is never to impose a hardship on a specific property owner, rather we are acting in response to neighbors and the community as a whole to ensure a clean, safe, and aesthetically appealing community for all residents and visitors.

If you would like to e-mail Mr. Andrews, please click here.

Common Village Code Q & A:

  • Garbage & General Property Maintenance: (Article II, Sec. 14.201 & Article VI, Sec. 20-31) Properties must be kept in a neat, tidy, and orderly manner so as to not be seen as detrimental to neighboring properties.  This includes the proper storage and maintenance of building materials, appliances, electronics, garbage, debris, rubbish, and trash as well as properly caring for the dwelling unit with applicable maintenance, painting, and general care for the home. Garbage, debris, rubbish, and trash which residents which to dispose of must be stored in appropriate garbage containers on the side or rear of the home so as to prevent rodent and critter harboring, per Village and International Property Maintenance Code (Chapter 3, Sec. 306.1-306.3.2).  Furthermore, trash should not be put to the curb for collection more than 24 hours prior to trash collection services and receptacles removed within 24 hours following collection.  Effective 1/1/12, electronics may no longer be disposed of through regular trash/landfill collection and must be disposed of through an approved collector/recycler/refurbisher.  If you are having issues disposing of a TV, Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful website is a great resource for information on proper disposal and recycling practices.
  • Oversized & Commercial Vehicles: (Article IV, Sec. 12.502) Except for those vehicles licensed as a Recreational Vehicle, commercial vehicles holding a plate classification other than “A”, “B”, or “C” are not allowed to be parked or stored within a residential, R1 through R4 and MH, district.
  • Grass & Weed Maintenance: (Article VII, Sec. 14.701) Within the Village, all grass and weeds other than trees, flowers, ornamental plants or other cultivated plants, must be maintained at a height of seven (7) inches or less.  Proper yard maintenance, bush and tree trimming, flower bed maintenance, and general lawn care is required and will be enforced within the Village.  Properties which are non-compliant will be subject to a force mow set forth by the Village, in which case the cost associated such services will be passed through to the property owner through a bill and subsequent lien being placed on the property.
  • Open & Recreational Burning:  (Article IV 14.402A & 14.403) The Village allows residents to engage in “open burning” in the months of April & November ONLY, which allows residents to burn sticks, wood, leaves, and other yard waste. The burning of any materials besides wood and general yard waste is not permitted. Outside of April & November, residents must dispose of yard waste through trash collection services or other approved means.  Recreational fires of wood only are allowed year round, however the burned materials must be that of clean, dry wood, cut to a size of not longer than 22 inches in length and not larger than 11 inches in diameter.  Further, all wood being stored on a residential property for recreational fire purposes must be cut to the 22×11 standard and stacked and stored in an organized manner. Residents must keep recreational fires in a pit or ring structure and must have extinguishing tools (water hose, fire extinguisher, shovel, rake, etc.) readily available at all times.  Recreational fires must be extinguished by 12-midnight and not re-lit before 6:00am.
  • Property Line Tree Trimming & Maintenance: The trimming and maintenance of trees along property lines are the responsibility of the property owners. Should an owner have a dispute with a tree whose trunk grows on a neighbor’s property, the disputing neighbor has the right to trim that tree vertical from the property line to the sky; HOWEVER, the neighbor may NOT trim the tree so as to permanently damage or kill the tree. Major decisions on trees along property lines must be made collectively by both parties. The Village is NOT responsible for the mediation of such disputes and does not have the authority to force a property owner to trim or maintain a tree in a certain way, UNLESS the tree is a threat to the public’s health and well being and it is visually apparent that the tree is dead or dying and a safety hazard. Please click here for a case law review on this topic which provides additional information and clarification.

*All residents have the right to an Administrative Hearing if they wish to contest their ‘Notice of Code Violation’ and/or may be subject to an Administrative Hearing for non-compliance and/or not paying an applicable Municipal Fine. 


Helpful Links & Information:

For any code enforcement concerns, property maintenance issues, or zoning questions please feel free to contact Village Hall at (815) 877.5432 Monday-Friday between 8:00am-4:30pm.  If you have a zoning or code enforcement issue or concern which you would like to report online, please click here to let us know and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Winnebago County Knock Out Crime Landlord/Tenant Registration Form:  Please click here.

Looking for the Village’s Municipal Code Book?  Please click here.

Looking into filling out a Zoning or Building Permit?  Please click here for more information, or visit the Planning & Zoning or Building Department pages on our website.

Have household items, materials, electronics, and hazardous items you need to dispose of?

  • Consider donating! The local Habitat for Humanity ReStore program will accept gently used Antiques & Collectibles, Appliances, Architectural Items, Building Materials, Cabinets, Doors, Electrical, Fencing Materials, Flooring, Furniture, Hardware, Light Fixtures, Lumber & Trim, Plumbing, Tools, and small Windows. Pick-up of items may be available.  Contact 815.713.3184 for more information OR Goodwill and Salvation Army will accept most gently used household items as well.  Please contact local Goodwill @ 815.639.4963 and Salvation Army @ 815.986.0735 to determine if they will accept your gently used items.
  • Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful (knib)  has recycling centers in multiple locations in the Greater Rockford Area, and hosts multiple recycling events through out the year check their website frequently for information.  Electronic waste smaller than 2ft by 2ft can be placed directly into residents recycling bin.  Starting July 8th, 2017 Knib’s Rockford Recycle Center, located at 4665 Hydraulic Road, Rockford, IL 61109, will begin accepting up to 2 TVs or CRT Monitors or combination, per vehicle, per day.   Please contact 815.637.1343 for more information on how and where you can recycle your items safely and effectively.
  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Center: Illinois residents (not businesses) can dispose of household hazardous waste at 3333 Kishwaukee Street, Rockford, IL 61109 on Saturdays from 8am to 4pm and on Sunday from noon to 4pm, excluding holidays. Acceptable hazardous waste includes the following: aerosols, corrosives, oxidizers, solvents, oil-based paints, waste oil, pesticides, batteries, fluorescent lamps, up to 4 tires (without the metal rim), and insulin disposal.  Unacceptable waste includes: radioactive waste, compressed gas, explosives and 55 gallon drums.
  • Latex Paint: Residents are encourage to dispose of open cans of latex paint by leaving them open to dry/harden or by adding cat litter to solidify.  Paint cans, with lids removed, should then be placed next to the garbage cans for normal weekly collection.
  • DO NOT DUMP!  Open dumping is highly illegal and can be enforced on a local, state, and national level.  The Village of Machesney Park, IL EPA, and US EPA take dumping of hazardous items very seriously and will prosecute violators.  Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful has a program where hazardous items can be safely and responsibly disposed of. (tires, chemicals, paint, batteries, medicine and medical devices, oil, gas/propane, pesticides, and more) View more information on this here: Knib Household Hazardous Waste Site
  • You can contact 815-985-2924 or 815-636-1108 for scrap metal and white goods recycling.

Have lead problems in your home?  The Winnebago County Health Department has a program called Creating Lead Safe Rockford which is a grant program through HUD to identify and correct lead hazards in qualifying households.  For more information, contact Carmelo Porta, Application Specialist, at 815.720.4112.


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