Liquor Commission


The Village’s Liquor Commission (LC) meets as called by the Liquor Commissioner. The commission is responsible for carrying out and enforcing ordinances and state statutes, where applicable, relating to the licensing, sale and distribution of liquor within the boundaries of the Village. Commission composition is comprised of the Mayor (Village President), who serves as the Liquor Commissioner, three Trustees, and one citizen member.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding current matters, agenda, minutes, or the processes behind the Commission, please contact Village Hall at (815) 877-5432. To apply for a new liquor license or renew a current liquor license online click here.

Liquor Commissioner: Mayor Steve Johnson 
Members: Trustee Aaron Wilson, Trustee Joe Seipts, Trustee James Kidd, Ike Trickie

Agendas for this Commission are not frequent, as the Commission only convenes when an application is submitted and/or an issue arises.



04/15/24 Agenda      
03/18/24 Agenda      
03/04/24 Agenda      
02/05/24 Agenda      
01/15/24 Agenda      

08/07/23 Agenda      
07/10/23 Agenda      
05/15/23 Agenda      
04/17/23 Agenda      
03/20/23 Agenda      
02/06/23 Agenda      

12/19/22 Agenda      
12/05/22 Agenda      
10/03/22 Agenda      
06/20/22 Agenda      
04/18/22 Agenda      

11/01/21 Agenda      
10/18/21 Agenda      
10/04/21 Agenda      
09/07/21 Agenda      
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12/07/20 Agenda      
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06/15/20 Agenda      
06/01/20 Agenda