Laura Salamone

Building Clerk

Phone: (815) 877-6072, 201


Building Division


The Building Division orchestrates the Village's building permit and inspection process in an effort to ensure that all structures are built, rehabilitated and preserved with regard to safety of life and property.

Duties & Responsibilities 
  • Review building permit applications
  • Collect applicable permit review fees
  • Issue building permits
  • Provide technical assistance to residents and contractors
  • Facilitate building inspection scheduling

Any project requiring a permit must be submitted to the Village using an application. To simplify the application process, the Village now allows numerous residential permit applications to be completed online. For additional information about permits, please visit our Permits page.

Plan Review
Plans for new residential homes, garages, sheds, fences, swimming pools, parking lots, and signs are reviewed internally by Village staff.  For commercial projects, the Village uses an external plan review consultant and the cost of their review is added to the permit review fees that we collect when we issue your permit.

Building Inspections are performed by the City of Loves Park through a cooperative agreement. When the Village issues building permits, we will provide instructions for requesting building inspections.