Penny Miller

Deputy Clerk

Phone: (815) 877-5432


Garage Sale & Solicitor Information

We welcome garage or yard sales within the Village and do not require residents to obtain a permit.

Residents are permitted to host a total of 3 garage sales per calendar year, which may last for no more than 3 days per sale. Items which will be sold shall not be placed into the yard or set up on exterior premises more than 24 hours prior to the day of the sale, and must be removed and properly stored inside within 24 hours after the sale concludes.

Please reference the Village Code Book, Article XVI-Section 14.1601-14.1605 for all details pertaining to garage and yard sales, or contact the Code Enforcement division at Village Hall.

All persons, businesses and organizations wishing to solicit in the Village of Machesney Park for the sale of goods or services, money, or contributions are required to obtain a permit. Upon permit approval, commercial solicitors will be issued a Village permit badge and will be required to keep it displayed at all times. Noncommercial and charitable organizations are not required to obtain a permit but are required to abide by the Do Not Knock Registry. All solicitors are prohibited from soliciting at any location listed on the “Do Not Knock Registry,” or from any location with a sign posted prohibiting solicitation.

Village Ordinance Chapter 24, Article Ill, requires all solicitors to obtain a current Do Not Knock Registry list from the Village. Upon approval of a Door to Door Solicitation Permit the current Registry will be provided to the solicitor.

The Do Not Knock registry works similar to a “Do Not Call” list and prohibits solicitation at registered addresses. If you would like your address to appear on the Do Not Knock registry, please complete the registry application form below. For your protection, only addresses will appear on the Do Not Knock registry. Your registration will become effective on the first day of the month following receipt of your application.

For further information, please call (815) 877-5432, or to report a violation, please call the non-emergency police line at (815) 282-2600.

Do Not Knock Registry Application

NOTE: This form is for Machesney Park residents only. The Village does not regulate solicitation in the City of Loves Park.

Click here to download a "No Solicitation" sign to display on your door or window.