Tax Information

Village Tax Reference Table
The table below outlines the various taxes collected by the Village, their rate, what is subject to the tax, and how the revenue is spent. 

To ensure accurate collection and reporting of current tax rates, please reference the Village Code Book or visit the MyTax Illinois website and search for Tax Rate Finder.

Tax Rate Applied to: Revenues used for:
Municipal Sales Tax 1.00% Retail sales including groceries and drugs General government services
Non-home rule Sales Tax 1.00% Retail excluding groceries and drugs Infrastructure improvements
Business District Sales Tax: I 90/IL 173 1.00% Retail sales & hotel sales on the west side of I-90 only Development of vacant land on the west side of Interstate 90
Business District Sales Tax: Town Center 1.00% Retail sales within the Town Center area only Redevelopment of the Town Center
Telecom Tax 6.00% Telephone bills Infrastructure improvements
Electric Utility Tax See Chapter 19 of Code Book Per therm of electricity used Infrastructure improvements
Natural Gas Utility Tax See Chapter 19 of Code Book Per cubic feet of natural gas used  Infrastructure improvements 
Hotel/Motel Tax 5.00% Gross rental receipts Promote tourism, conventions, and special events within the Village


Understanding Your Property Tax Bill
The Northern Illinois Council of Governments (NorthCOG) has created a video to help explain the collection and distribution of property taxes in Illinois. Note: The Village of Machesney Park does not levy a property tax.