The Village of Machesney Park Department of Public Works & Parks is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all physical assets owned by the Village.

Our service to the community does go beyond normal daily maintenance. The Public Works & Parks Department is involved with the planning and implementation of many of the Village’s improvement projects each year. The Public Works Superintendent works with the Administration and the Board for long-term planning of our parks and streets to better serve the Village as we continue to grow in the future. Despite these varied duties and roles, the number one goal for the entire Department remains quality customer service to our residents.

The Department is split into several Divisions (Click on Division for more information):

Streets Division

Our Streets Division maintains local roadways through pothole patching, road repairs, curb replacement, debris removal and several other operations. Please click on the title for the divisions information page.

Parks Division

The Village owns and maintains nine parks throughout the area. We operate several playgrounds, bike paths and nature preserves.

Storm Water Division

Work is split into two categories in the Storm Water Division: Storm Water Management and Storm Water Pollution Control. The Village operates the local storm sewer system as well as several pumping stations throughout the region. Local pollution is monitored through the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Traffic Signals and Signage Division

We currently operate 21 traffic signals throughout the Village through both emergency call-out, repairs and preventative maintenance. Please click on the title for the divisions information page.

Snow and Ice Removal

The snow and ice removal operations are accomplished by a combination of outside contractors and Department staff.

Incident Management

The Village of Machesney Park conducts emergency management planning using the National Incident Management System (NIMS) which is organized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This division coordinates responses to natural disasters such as tornados but also manages our snow plowing operations.

Public Works Dept Staff

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