The Village of Machesney Park’s Public Works Department manages the Village’s Streets Division which includes street maintenance, snow plowing, traffic signal maintenance, and oversight of street reconstruction and resurfacing projects.

The Village works within its budget every year to reconstruct, resurface, and repair streets to ensure citizens have safe and effective streets throughout the Village. For more information on past, present, and future Roadway Construction Projects and Construction Alerts & Updates, please view menu options Community >> Development Projects >> Build Machesney Program, or follow the highlighted links above.


Road Postings

Village roads are beginning to soften up due to the annual freeze / thaw cycle. The Village of Machesney Park Public Works Department has posted signs on roadways that temporarily restrict use on Village roads from heavy trucks. Typically, the spring road posting period is around 6 weeks in duration but will depend on weather and road conditions.  

Effective Monday, March 28, 2022, the spring weight postings will no longer be enforced by the Village of Machesney Park.

Updates can be obtained by calling the Village of Machesney Park Public Works Department at 815-877-5432.

The posted weight limits are:

2-axle vehicles with single rear tires……….7,000 lbs.

2*-axle vehicles with dual rear tires……….18,000 lbs.

3*-axle vehicles with dual rear tires……….30,000 lbs.

Gross Axle Load………………………………………..11,000 lbs.



Potholes are an issue that both the Village and drivers deal with and a fairly regular basis. Due to the climate and the wear and tear on our roadway system, potholes are something that just can’t be prevented. Potholes in the pavement appear when a road surface becomes worn and has suffered the effects of weather and traffic.

What causes potholes?

There are several major causes, such as:

  • Weather

Weather is the main culprit in the formation of potholes. If water gets into the asphalt and then freezes, the expanding ice lifts out a piece of the top layer of asphalt and creates a pothole. The freeze and thaw cycle is very destructive for our roadway system which is evident in the spring after a winter thaw.

  • Traffic

Traffic that is too heavy for the pavement’s design can cause cracks in the street. The combination of increased or overweight/oversized traffic and the natural aging of pavements result in potholes. Also, the work of snowplows in the winter time and subsequent sliding of the plow blade across the pavement catches and unstable and offset areas of pavement, often times pulling that section of pavement up and creating a pothole.

  • Water

When water gets into the base of the pavement through cracks in the surface it can soften the base. Over a period of time the base material will shift, leaving nothing to support the that sits pavement above it. Heavy vehicles can cause the pavement to weaken further and ultimately cave in, thus causing potholes.

Pothole Repair:

Pothole repair is an ongoing operation of the Village’s Public Works Department. These repairs include the patching of potholes, depressions, bumps, and other defects on Village streets. Village crews are out on a weekly basis responding to complaints and making repairs as they are found. Repairs are made by filling holes or depressions with hot mix asphalt which permanently repairs any defects in the roadway.

Reporting Potholes:

Residents are encouraged to report potholes to the Machesney Park Public Works Department at 815-877-5432. The Village Public Works crew does its best to promptly respond to all requests but appreciates your patience in getting repairs made. Please keep in mind that any work done within a roadway can be very dangerous activity for our crew so please be cautious and slow down when driving past Public Works crews repairing potholes.


Traffic Signal Maintenance

The Village of Machesney Park operates and maintains twenty-one (21) traffic signals throughout the Village. The Public Works Department currently has two team members who are certified with The International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) as Level 1 Technicians. The Traffic Signal division is coordinated by Public Works Technician Stan Oloff, who oversees the daily operation of the signal system and routine maintenance of signal related hardware located throughout the Village.

Stan and the Public Works staff do their very best to maintain traffic lights throughout the Village to ensure they are constantly in perfect working condition, however like with all things breakdowns do happen and maintenance and repair is required. Residents who experience a malfunctioning traffic signal or burned out signal bulb are asked to report it immediately to Superintendent of Public Works, Mitch Hilden at Village Hall by calling 815-877-5432.


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