Hawksview Improvements Construction Update #1 – August 28, 2020

Scope of Work:
The project affects Plats #1 and #2 of Hawksview Subdivision as shown on the map at the back of the update.
The work generally includes:
• Cleaning and Televising of storm sewer, and repairs to storm sewer as needed.
• Cleaning, repairing and replacing inlets.
• Installation of a new inlet and storm sewer at the corner between Hawksview and Redtail.
• Re-grading of the ditches along Forest Hills Road at the intersections of Hawkeye and Redtail.
• Complete removal and replacement of curbing and pavement.
• Removal & replacement of driveway aprons as needed to accommodate the replacement of curbing. Most driveways will have a 10’ wide area (as measured off of the back of curb) removed and replaced, some more, some less.
• Regrading and restoration of yards behind the new curbing.