The Harlem Consolidated School District serves the communities of Loves Park, Machesney Park, and the southern Harlem Consolidated High School - circa 1911portion of Roscoe. The District has an enrollment of approximately 7,750 students.  The District was established in 1910 when four rural districts petitioned their trustees to consolidate in order to provide a quality education for students.  Facilities include one high school, one middle school, and nine elementary schools.

The Harlem School District is a place where you can form a strong partnership with your child’s educators.  Through this partnership, your child has a better chance to succeed in school and in life. Students, parents, teachers and staff work in partnership with the business community responding to the students’ needs to enhance future accomplishments.

The Village of Machesney Park maintains a seat on the Village Board for a Harlem High School student liaison.  The student liaison provides the board, and the meeting’s attending citizens, updates on the happenings of the Harlem High School community, and gives voice to the students, parents, and overall Harlem High School Community.  For more information on this position and how localVMP 2007 Student Liasons Breanna and Amanda students cane get involved, please contact the Village Clerk.

For additional information, contact the Harlem Board of Education, 8605 N. 2nd St, (815) 654-4500 or visit the Harlem website at:  http://www.harlem122.org

Harlem High School #1 Huskie Circle 10-12 (815) 654-4511
Hoffman Campus Evans Avenue 9 (815) 654-5484
Harlem Middle Sch.  735 Windsor Road 7 – 8 (815) 654-4510
Loves Park Elementary 344 Grand Avenue 1 – 6 (815) 654-4501
*Machesney Elementary 8615 N. 2nd Street 4 – 6 (815) 654-4509
*Maple Elementary 1405 Maple Ave 1 – 6 (815) 654-4502
Marquette Elementary 8500 Victory Ln 1 – 3 (815) 654-4503
Olson Park Elementary 1414 Minahan Drive 1 – 6 (815) 654-4504
Ralston Elementary 710 Ralston Rd 1 – 6 (815) 654-4505
Rock Cut Elementary 7944 Forest Hills 1 – 6 (815) 654-4506
Windsor Elementary 935 Windsor Rd 1 – 6 (815) 654-4507
Donald C. Parker Early Ed Center 808 Harlem Rd Pre-K – K (815) 654-4559

* Machesney Elementary Programs include a Fine Arts Academy and an Academic Academy

**Maple Elementary follows a modified year-round schedule and provides the “CARE” Prog. for Children At Risk Educationally


Other Local Schools

Based upon geographic location, some of the Machesney Park residents fall within the Rockford Public Schools, specifically the Guilford High School district for those living on the far east end of Machesney Park, and the Auburn High School district for those living on the far west end.  The greater Rockford area also provides private school alternatives in Boylan Catholic High School, Christian Life High School, Rockford Lutheran High School, Keith Country Day School, Rockford Christian Schools, and more.

There are a number of pre-schools in the area as well, such as the Grace Lutheran Preschool.

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