Another friendly reminder regarding garage and yard sales as we have continued to field a number of calls on this topic.

  • No permit is required to host a garage or yard sale within the Village.
  • Signage for garage sales is permitted, with the following restrictions: (1) no signs may be affixed to any street signs, utility poles, trees, etc., (2) one sign may be placed on the property conducting the sale, and a maximum of 5 signs may be placed at intersections in a manner which is not distracting, dangerous, or a sight hazard, and (3) signs may be put up no more than 24 hours prior to the sale and must be taken back down by the resident within 24 hours after the sale.
  • Residents are permitted to host a total of 3 garage sales per calendar year, which may last for no more than 3 days per sale.
  • Items which will be sold shall not be placed into the yard or set up on exterior premises more than 24 hours prior to the day of the sale, and must be removed and properly stored inside within 24 hours after the sale concludes.

Please reference the code book, Article XVI-Section 14.1601-14.1605 for all details pertaining to garage and yard sales, or contact the Code Enforcement department at Village Hall. Thank you for your cooperation and happy selling!

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