The Village recognizes the value of fences to help residents maintain privacy and safety for their properties. This notice is to remind residents and fence contractors of the importance of obtaining a permit from the Village prior to constructing fences on properties in Machesney Park.

The Village’s Zoning Ordinance contains a variety of requirements for fences, including the height of the fence, and the permitted locations on the property. Further, many properties in the Village are impacted by flood zones which have extra requirements and restrictions for construction. The Village’s goal of requiring a fence permit is to ensure that all fences are installed consistently and safely throughout the Village, and are discussed beforehand so as to eliminate having to make corrections to a fence after it has been constructed. The fence permit application form is available on-line at: application form can also be obtained at Village Hall and must be submitted and approved prior to beginning construction on the fence.

If you have any questions regarding the fence requirements within the Village, please contact Carrie Houston, Planning & Zoning Specialist, at (815) 877-5432. Our goal is to assist you with compliance and to ensure a smooth transaction for all.

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