As of April 1st, residents may begin burning their yard waste if desired.  Yard waste burning is restricted to two months per year, commencing in April and November only.

The section of the ordinance regarding yard waste burning is as follows:

A. Burning of materials grown on the property which is the site of open burning, such as leaves, tree limbs, or branches and bushes, may be burned only during the months of April (April 1 to April 30) and November (November 1 to November 30) of each year from sun up to 9 PM and all open burning must be attended at all times.

Repealed, Ord. 14-85 – 2/28/85; Amd. Ord. 79-85 – 10/8/85; Amd. Ord. 11-94 – 2/22/94; Amd. Ord. 92-95 – 12/04/95)


  • Must be kept to a reasonable amount
    • Don’t burn it all at once if you have a large amount, burn it down and add more as you go
  • Must be attended to at all times
    • Fires left unattended are not only dangerous but may be cause for enforcement action
  • All yard waste fires must be extinguished by 9pm
  • Be cautious of wind direction and wind gusts
    • Although yard waste burning is deemed to be the safest during April & November, there are always dangers in starting a fire
  • Be courteous of your neighbors and the impact the burning and/or smoke may have on them

Please contact Village Hall if you have any questions regarding yard waste burning regulations @ 815.877.5432.

If any of your fires get out of control, or if you see any fire getting out of hand, please call 9-1-1 immediately!

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