• Board Action Items Approved on March 16, 2015  
      • Minutes from March 2, 2015 Board Meeting and Budget Meeting
      • Treasurer’s Report
      • Warrants
      • Ordinance 05-15, Amend Chapter 9, Article 9.114, Remove Reference to Sunday Hours, 2nd Reading
      • Ordinance 06-15, Amend Chapter 9, Article 9.214(B), Increase the Number of “B” Licenses, 2nd Reading
      • Ordinance 17-15, Budget Amendment, 2nd Reading
      • Ordinance 18-15, Authorize Debt Certificate for Roads, 2nd Reading
      • Ordinance 19-15, Authorize Promissory Note for JCPenney Property, 2nd Reading
      • Ordinance 20-15, Post Issuance Recordkeeping and Compliance, 2nd Reading
      • Ordinance 07-15, VAR Rear Yard Setback, 8418 N 2nd Street, 1st Reading
      • Ordinance 08-15, SUP Open Sales Lot, 10208 Smythe Avenue, 1st Reading
      • Ordinance 09-15, VAR Side Yard Setback, 12104 Ventura Blvd., 1st Reading
      • Ordinance 10-15, Official Zoning Map, 1st Reading
      • Ordinance 12-15, Text Amd., Commercial Freestanding Sign Height, 1st Reading
      • Resolution 07-R-15, Class “B” License, Meijer Store
      • Resolution 08-R-15, Class “B” License, Meijer Gas Station
      • Resolution 14-R-15, Vacation of Easement for Queen Oaks Drive
      • Resolution 16-R-15, Phone and Internet Service Contracts
      • Resolution 17-R-15, Urge Governor and General Assembly to Protect

      Full Funding of LGDF Fund Revenue

      • Resolution 22-R-15, Award Leland Water Main Adjustments
      • Resolution 23-R-15, Award Stone’s Landing Boat Ramp





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