The historic flood of 2008 caused widespread damage and interruption to residents’ everyday life throughout the Village, which spurred the Village to embark on a flood mitigation program to reduce the costs and impact of future flooding.

The Village has been awarded three phases of HMGP funding which have all been completed. The buyout program has been funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is administered through the IL Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), and the IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO). The agencies providing the funding have the authority to identify the requirements and eligibility for each grant.

The purpose of FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) is to help communities implement hazard mitigation measures following a Presidential major disaster declaration. Hazard mitigation is any action taken to reduce or eliminate long term risk to people and property from natural hazards.

Winnebago County recently updated the county-wide hazard mitigation plan, which included the Village of Machesney Park and can be found on their website per the link below. The plan is a requirement in order to maintain eligibility for receiving grant funding related to disaster assistance.

The Village applied for and received funding for acquisition projects to remove residents and structures from the hazard area and the Village retains the parcels as open green space. To learn more about the general process of the buyout program please Click Here.

Participation in this program is voluntary. If you wish to sign up for the voluntary buyout program, please complete the below form and return to Village Hall. Your property will be added to the waiting list and considered as additional funding becomes available and based upon the requirements of the grant.

Notice of Voluntary Interest form

The Village maintains a list of those properties that have submitted a Notice of Voluntary Interest (NOVI) form and are waiting funding. If you have previously filled out a NOVI form, but do not see your property listed please contact the Village.

The below list of properties (sorted by address) have submitted a Notice of Voluntary Interest (NOVI) form to the Village and will be considered if future grant funding becomes available.

Last updated: 4/16/2019
Lot 07-25-253-008
Lot 07-25-253-009
10 Gilbert Terrace
12 Gilbert Terrace
13 Gilbert Terrace
14 Gilbert Terrace
17 Gilbert Terrace
18 Gilbert Terrace
19 Gilbert Terrace
21 Gilbert Terrace
24 Gilbert Terrace
27 Gilbert Terrace
28 Gilbert Terrace
30 Gilbert Terrace
107 Gilbert Terrace
127 Gilbert Terrace
108 Greenview Ave
114 Greenview Ave
12384 Harbor Oaks Dr
12408 Harbor Oaks Dr
100 Old Harlem Rd
132 Huron Rd
9 Liberty Blvd
12 Liberty Blvd
15 Liberty Blvd
16/14 Lot Liberty Blvd
17 Liberty Blvd
20 Liberty Blvd
25 Liberty Blvd
26 Liberty Blvd
32 Liberty Blvd
33 Liberty Blvd
13 Marquette Rd
16 Marquette Rd
18 Marquette Rd
20 Marquette Rd
22 Marquette Rd
23 Marquette Rd
25 Marquette Rd
28 Marquette Rd
31 Marquette Rd
38 Marquette Rd
40 Marquette Rd
44 Marquette Rd
52 Marquette Rd
46 North Park Rd
113 North Park Rd
98XX/Lot Queen Oaks Dr
9810 Queen Oaks Dr
9811 Queen Oaks Dr
9819 Queen Oaks Dr
9826 Queen Oaks Dr
10005 1/2 Queen Oaks Dr
10006 Queen Oaks Dr
9418 Ritter Dr
9426 Ritter Dr
9433 Ritter Dr
9435 Ritter Dr
9436 Ritter Dr
9439 Ritter Dr
7818 Shore Dr
7828 Shore Dr
7836 Shore Dr
7906 Shore Dr
8012 Shore Dr
8019 Shore Dr
8108 Shore Dr
8118 Shore Dr
8123 Shore Dr
8203/Lot Shore Dr
8206 Shore Dr
8212 Shore Dr
8312 Shore Dr
8313 Shore Dr
8318 Shore Dr
8322 Shore Dr
8326 Shore Dr
8334 Shore Dr
8504 Shore Dr
8532 Shore Dr
8712 Shore Dr
8730 Shore Dr
8759 Shore Dr
9436 Shore Dr
9508 Shore Dr
9614 Shore Dr
9808 Shore Dr
9812 Shore Dr
8321/8317 Lot Shore Dr
10320 Ventura Blvd
10802 Ventura Blvd
10818 Ventura Blvd
10910 Ventura Blvd
11004 Ventura Blvd
11048 Ventura Blvd
11052 Ventura Blvd
12932 Ventura Blvd
13116 Ventura Blvd
13120 Ventura Blvd
12 Wilshire Blvd
13 Wilshire Blvd
19 Wilshire Blvd
22 Wilshire Blvd
24 Wilshire Blvd
25 Wilshire Blvd
26 Wilshire Blvd
27 Wilshire Blvd
28 Wilshire Blvd
34 Wilshire Blvd
35 Wilshire Blvd
38 Wilshire Blvd
40/42 Lot Wilshire Blvd
109 Wilson Ave
110 Wilson Ave
115 Wilson Ave
120 Wilson Ave
123 Wilson Ave
125 Wilson Ave
110 Winona Dr
117 Winona Dr


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