Carrie Houston

Planning & Zoning Manager

Phone: (815) 877-5432, 209


Planning & Zoning Division 

The Planning & Zoning Division works with a variety of stakeholders to strive for strategic growth and redevelopment of the physical environment, while preserving a high quality of life for Village residents and property owners. The Planning & Zoning Manager ensures proposed and existing land uses are in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations, while advancing the goals and objectives of the Village's Comprehensive Plan.

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Planning & Zoning FAQ
Please visit the Building & Zoning section of our FAQ page for answers to common zoning related questions.
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Planning & Zoning Resources5 documents

  • Village Zoning Map
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  • Subdivision Regulations
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  • Zoning Petition Application
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  • Village Floodplain Map
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  • Flood Area Development Regulations
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Long Range Planning Resources2 documents

  • Village Comprehensive Plan
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  • Floodplain Recreation and Improvement Plan
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