Rock River Disposal

Phone: 815-965-2489


Garbage & Recycling


The Public Works Department oversees the Village's refuse collection through a contract with Rock River Disposal. Our mission is to provide for the collection and disposal of solid waste and recyclables in a manner that is consistent with federal and state regulations.

For billing questions, to set up a new service, or to report collection issues related to garbage, recycling, or yard waste, please contact Rock River Disposal at (815) 965-2489 or visit their website

Collection Information
Garbage day in the Village is every Friday, with an exception for some legal holidays. Visit Rock River Disposal's website to access a complete garbage collection schedule. Please do not place your cans out for collection any earlier than Thursday. All containers must be removed from the curb within 24 hours after collection services are complete. 

Standard accumulation of weekly household trash is unlimited along with unlimited bulk items unless a dumpster should be considered.

95 & 65 Gallon trash totes have been delivered along with 65 gallon Recycling totes.
There are special accommodations for residents on a “One –Bag-Plan”
Residents 65 or older are eligible for a senior discount if they occupy the premises. Please contact Rock River Disposal to register.

Rock River Disposal does not collect construction materials with its standard trash pick-up. A fee of $25.00 per hopper applies for construction material. Please contact Rock River Disposal for information on the collection of construction materials.

Yard Waste Collection & Leaf Vacuuming 
Yard waste can be disposed of as part of your regular weekly garbage pick-up starting in April. Yard waste should be placed out for collection at the same time as household waste and recyclables in a can clearly marked with a large "X" or in brown yard waste bags.Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, and small branches from residential properties. All tree branches and bush trimmings that cannot fit into bags or a can must be placed into bundles no more than four feet long and two feet in diameter and tied with string or twine.

Leaf vacuuming generally begins at the beginning of October and runs through the first week of December. To confirm the current season's schedule, please contact Rock River Disposal at (815) 965-2489. Leaves may be placed along the road edge for collection. Leaves should be raked to an area away from gravel and just off the roadway where trucks can reach them. Leaf vacuuming schedules are subject to change based on weather and other factors.

Please contact Rock River Disposal at (815) 965-2489 with questions regarding leaf vacuuming and yard waste removal services.